Questions about us

Questions about us

And all things, whatsoever ye shall ask in prayer, believing, ye shall receive.

Matthew 21:22 KJV


What is Glorifyd video Bible study platform?
Glorifyd is a comprehensive library of video Bible study lessons, which reveal Holy Spirit-guided understanding of the kingdom of God: this is revelation knowledge. Our Bible studies are presented from an eternal perspective, transcending the limited, earthly view of life taken by many Christians. Glorifyd is a resource for born-again Christians to learn the knowledge needed to understand our promised inheritance, which is stated again and again by our Father throughout the Bible.

Why is Glorifyd free to watch?
We believe the word of God to be living and sacred; meant for and made available to anyone who has eyes to see and ears to hear. Biblical understanding is always free to individuals. We offer a special subscription service for church groups and small groups, which is a private study area (access is limited to only group members) and includes group messaging and study tools.

Why are the videos not edited? Shouldn’t they look like movies?
We believe our Bible study lessons are guided by the Holy Spirit and it is His revelation knowledge we are experiencing. Should we edit the movement and guidance of the Creator? No, of course not. We are certainly not trying to look “all Hollywood” (as they say in Los Angeles) in anything we do! We also recognize there is a great benefit in helping you get as close as possible to actually being there in person.

What if I have questions about a video Bible study lesson?
You can ask questions regarding the video content using the comments box at the bottom of each video lesson page. We will answer you as soon as possible, of course, but please be patient as we only have a small staff. We know the ability to ask us questions directly is crucial. As you begin to see the depth and significance of our lessons, the need to have questions answered becomes apparent. This proves that what people have been taught is generally so diluted, so bereft of meaning, and wholly without insight into the Father’s master plan, that it’s breath-taking! Our small group members usually ask a lot of questions in each video since we know people watching would ask them if they were here.

We were recently asked, “Where does one find satisfying answers to all these questions raised by watching Glorifyd video Bible studies?” Our job is to point to the signpost (the Bible) which leads to Christ and help believers deconstruct the clues and language used to write that signpost. It then becomes clear that having a considerably greater knowledge and deeper understanding of the Bible is, in fact, a requirement if one wants to know the Father’s master plan. After all, how can one seek the kingdom without learning for his/herself the direction in which to search and what to look for?

Can any church, ministry or small group participate?
Regardless of denomination or size, we are delighted to welcome all churches, ministries and small groups. Come and study with us no matter where you are located in the world.

Who should I do if I need help using this website?
Please use our How to use our website page. If you still need help after that, feel free to use our Contact us page.

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