Reach out strategies

Reach out strategies

Look here first –

2 Corinthians 5:17 KJV

We should understand that media ministries like ours can never substitute for your involvement in a biblical church or group Bible study. However, we do offer you Spirit-filled interaction with experienced Bible teachers in our online video and audio Bible study sessions. Question and answer format and online discussion are important parts of our study method, which we extend to you when you study with us. Holy Spirit makes us aware of the need to supplement each individual’s Bible studies by strictly adhering to scripture-based teachings only and confirming their veracity with the ultimate authority that is the Holy Bible.

Glorifyd Bible study platform is for:

Every individual believer. Study anytime, use any device from anywhere.

Leaders and members of church teams and small groups who want to study together, using group messaging and study tools in a private environment.

Ministries and missionaries anywhere around the globe who want a scripture-based Bible study tool.

Bible study group leaders

Invite members of your church group or small group into your own private study classroom environment on our website. Our Church & Group Plans are designed to help you study together, keeping your group leadership in place, and provide group messaging and study tools features.


Our primary reasons for being are:

  • To publish and teach the gospel of Jesus Christ among all nations.
  • To use all forms of media and communication to reach out to God’s people.
  • To establish and promote a clear discipleship development program.
  • To bring the Word through images and sound to communities globally who may not know of Christ.

Media, creative, design or production. Does that sound like you?

Do you want to be used by God in giving your time and talents so that God’s people, at home and overseas, can learn about Christ Jesus? If so, please contact us using the ‘Send Message’ tab to the right. Thank you!

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Our team

Helping you grow in Christ

May God bless your experience with our ministry. Our mission is to help people learn about and pursue a direct relationship with Christ Jesus. The test of any book, preacher or ministry is: do they point you to Christ?

We answer that question by presenting you with scripture-based, video content that edifies the Lord, helps you personally grow in the body of Christ, equips and empowers you to minister to others, guides you to become a leader through discipleship, and prepares you for your eternal life serving Him.

We exist to point you to Jesus Christ. Let us know if you think we are achieving this goal, or you believe we can improve in any area, by leaving us feedback using the form below.

God be with you!

The team at Glorifyd

How can we improve your experience?

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