Terms of use

Terms of use

By using our website, at https://glorifyd.bible/, you agree that you have read the following terms and conditions carefully. Use of our website, mobile apps or other digital properties indicate you accept the terms of use of services provided, together with any related license agreements and limitations of warranty, either explicit or implied.

Acceptance of Terms

Glorifyd Media Ministries, Inc., is organized under U.S. Nonprofit Religious Corporation Law exclusively for religious purposes. All content made available, and any services provided, to you are to be used strictly, and only, for the specific purpose of publishing and teaching the gospel of Jesus Christ among all nations. Glorifyd Media Ministries, Inc., does not permit the use of any content, digital properties or services it controls for any other reason than the specific purpose just stated. Furthermore, Glorifyd Media Ministries, Inc., is under no obligation to discuss, negotiate, arbitrate, compromise or make any concession or settlement, at any time or in any way, with regard to the use of such content, digital properties or services. Therefore, we reserve the right, at our sole discretion and at any time, to withdraw or remove all such content, digital properties or services without reason or further discussion.

By using our web site, mobile apps, other digital properties, or any other online service of Glorifyd Media Ministries, Inc., or its suppliers, affiliates and agents (together referred to as “Glorifyd”), which contain links to these Terms of use (“General Terms”), in any way, including using, transmitting, downloading or uploading any materials (“Materials”) made available or enabled via any services (“Services”) provided by Glorifyd, or merely browsing the Services, you, or other users (“Users”) of the Services, agree that you have read, understand and agree to these General Terms and the Glorifyd Privacy & security policies incorporated by reference.

“Materials” means any content made available or enabled by Glorifyd, you or other users of the Services and includes, without limitation, any information, data, documents, images, photographs, graphics, audio, videos, or other digital media, or webcasts, products, services, and Glorifyd software code and associated documentation (“Software”).

Some Glorifyd Services may also be subject to posted guidelines, rules, or terms of service (“Additional Terms”). If there is any conflict between the General Terms and the Additional Terms, the Additional Terms take precedence in relation to that Service. The General Terms and any applicable Additional Terms and all other documents incorporated by reference in these General Terms are referred to herein as the “Terms”.

Glorifyd may change the Terms from time to time at its sole discretion. If such changes are made, Glorifyd will make a new copy of the General Terms, available at https://glorifyd.bible/terms-of-use/, with any new Additional Terms made available to you from within or through the affected Service. Glorifyd may require you to provide consent to the updated Terms in a specified manner before further use of the Services is permitted. Otherwise, your continued use of any affected Service constitutes your acceptance of the changes. Your use of the Services is subject to the most current version of the Terms posted on or through the affected Service at the time of such use. Please regularly check https://glorifyd.bible/terms-of-use/ to view the then-current General Terms and Addition Terms.

Services and Materials provided by third parties are governed by separate agreements accompanying any such Services and Materials.

Use of Services and Materials

You agree to adhere to all limitations on dissemination, use and reproduction of any Materials that you download or access from the Services.

Unless expressly agreed to by Glorifyd in writing elsewhere, Glorifyd has no obligation to store any Materials that you upload, post, email, transmit or otherwise make available through your use of the Services (“Your Content”). “User Content” means any Materials uploaded by you or the other users of the Services. Glorifyd has no responsibility or liability for the deletion or accuracy of any Materials, including Your Content, the failure to store, transmit or receive transmission of Materials, or the security, privacy, storage or transmission of other communications originating with or involving use of the Services. Certain Services may enable you to specify the level at which such Services restrict access to Your Content. You are solely responsible for Your Content. You agree that Glorifyd retains the right to create reasonable limits on the use of the Materials, including Your Content, such as limits on file size, storage space, processing capacity, and similar limits described in the web pages accompanying the Services and as otherwise determined by Glorifyd at its sole discretion.

You agree that your Account Information will always be complete, accurate and up-to-date. It is your responsibility to keep your Account Information confidential at all times and you are solely responsible for all activity that occurs to your Account Information when you are logged in to your account. If you become aware of any unauthorized use of your account or Account Information, or any other breach of security, you agree to notify Glorifyd immediately. You may not use another person’s Account Information. Glorifyd may require that you change your Account Information or certain parts of your Account Information at any time for any reason.

You agree to use the Services and the Materials only for purposes that are permitted by the Terms and any applicable law, regulation, or generally accepted practices or guidelines in any applicable jurisdiction.

You agree not to access or attempt to access the Services by any means other than the interface provided by Glorifyd or circumvent any access or use restrictions put into place to prevent certain uses of the Services.


The Services and Glorifyd Materials, and their selection and arrangement, are protected by copyright, trademark, service mark, trade dress, patent, trade secret, unfair competition, and other intellectual and proprietary rights (the “Intellectual Property Rights”). Except as expressly provided in the Terms, Glorifyd does not grant any express or implied rights to use the Services and Materials.

Use of Software

Any Software that is made available via the Services or otherwise by Glorifyd is the property of Glorifyd. If the Software made available via the Services is accompanied by license terms, then use of such Software is governed by the terms of such license agreement that accompanies or is included with the Software, or by the license agreement expressly stated on the hyperlinks referenced in the Software. Some license terms are available for review in the Software license agreement, at https://glorifyd.bible/software-license-agreement/. Other license terms may only be posted with any relevant the Software downloads or at the web page where the Software can be accessed. You shall not use, download or install any Software that is accompanied by or includes a license agreement unless you agree to the terms of such license agreement. Any copying or redistribution of the Software is prohibited, including any copying or redistribution of the Software to any other server or location, redistribution or use on a service bureau basis. If there is any conflict between these Terms and the license agreement provided with such Software, the license agreement shall take precedence in relation to that Software.

If no license agreement accompanies the Software, use of the Software will be governed by the terms of this Section. Glorifyd grants you a personal, worldwide, freely revocable, limited, non-transferable, non-sublicensable, royalty-free, non-assignable, nonexclusive license to use the Software for personal, non-commercial purposes in the manner permitted by the Terms. You agree that you will not decompile, reverse engineer or otherwise attempt to discover the source code of or distribute the Software. Notwithstanding the foregoing, decompiling the Software is permitted to the extent the laws of the jurisdiction where you are located give you the right to do so to obtain information necessary to render the Software interoperable with other software, provided, however, that you must first request the information from Glorifyd and Glorifyd may, in its discretion, either provide such information to you or impose reasonable conditions, including reasonable fees, on use of the Software to ensure that Glorifyd’s Intellectual Property Rights in the Software are protected. You may not assign (or grant a sublicense of) your rights to use the Software, grant a security interest in or over your rights to use the Software, or otherwise transfer any part of your rights to use the Software.

The Software may update online, automatically download and install updates from Glorifyd from time to time. These updates are designed to improve, enhance and further develop the Services and may take the form of bug fixes, enhanced functions, new Software modules and completely new versions. You agree to receive such updates (and permit Glorifyd to deliver these to you with or without your knowledge) as part of your use of the Services.

By downloading and reusing Internet content you agree not to access it for any reason other than your personal use. The content might be the subject to copyright and other intellectual property rights under the law. Such Content may not be reproduced, distributed, transmitted, re-uploaded, republished, displayed, sold, licensed, made available or otherwise communicated to the public or exploited for any purposes except the personal use.

Use of Glorifyd Materials, User Content and Shared Group Content

Except as expressly indicated to the contrary in any applicable Additional Terms, Glorifyd hereby grants you a nonexclusive, freely revocable (upon notice from Glorifyd), nontransferable, license to view, download and print Glorifyd Materials, subject to the following conditions:

You may access and use the Glorifyd Materials solely for personal, informational, non-commercial and internal purposes, in accordance with the Terms;

You may not modify or alter the Glorifyd Materials;

You may not distribute or sell, rent, lease, license or otherwise make the Glorifyd Materials available to others; and

You may not remove any text, copyright or other proprietary notices contained in the Glorifyd Materials.

Some Services involve collaboration and file-sharing services among other users or a specific group in conjunction with such collaboration and file-sharing. The User Content that you or other Users share with other Users through the Services shall be referred to as “Shared Group Content”. While some Services offer functionality to limit another User’s use of your Shared Group Content, such limitations are not guaranteed and it is your sole responsibility to determine what limitations, if any, are placed on Shared Group Content that you distribute. You agree that Glorifyd has no liability of any kind should other Users use, modify, destroy, corrupt, copy or distribute your Shared Group Content in violation of the limitations that you may impose on its use. Further, it is your sole responsibility to determine what limitations are placed on your use of another User’s Shared Group Content, including by looking at a given Service’s functionality and Additional Terms along with any additional restrictions placed by such User on your use of their Shared Group Content Software is subject to the additional provisions governing Software set forth herein. The rights granted to you in Glorifyd Materials as specified above are not applicable to the design, layout or look and feel of the of any Services. Such elements of the Services are protected by Intellectual Property Rights and may not be copied or imitated in whole or in part. No Glorifyd Materials may be copied or retransmitted unless expressly permitted by Glorifyd.

Supplemental Terms of Use

Small group, ministry or church members. You may log-in to Glorifyd as a member of a small group, ministry or church. This is part of a subscription account, created by your group leader, which you may access upon receiving an invitation to join a specific group from your group leader. If you do join a group account, you agree that the group leader of the group you joined may control and administer your account, and access and process your data, including the contents of your communications and files. You further agree that your use of the software may be subject to the agreements that Glorifyd has with you, your group leader, small group, or church or ministry, and these terms may not apply. If you access the software under these license terms, you may be prompted to update your group membership details associated with your Glorifyd account in order to continue accessing Glorifyd for groups.


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